Yvonne Elizabeth Williams is a native of Santee, SC, and ordained a pastor June 1, 2002 in Ridgeland, South Carolina. She is an esteemed published author of The Tenderness of A Woman’s Heart: A Broken Heart & A Shattered Life. Mrs. Williams is in the process of publishing her second book, Prayers for Your Daily Walk. While writing and being the founder of the conference team The Call of Zion, Shine Zion Shine. Mrs. Williams is the owner and director, writer, and producer of Yvonne Williams Production founded in October 2018. She has written many stage plays, one of which was live recorded and released
on DVD (Broken but not shattered: The Ordeal). Williams also was the Associate Director of Benjamin Diamond Short Films, The Red Rider. Williams shares her video clips via YouTube channel The Honey Bee Show and will be presenting YWP The Masterpiece Talk Show. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the recording of the stage plays has been postponed. However, Money Don’t Make You Happy, The Encore, and other stage plays will be resumed in addition to filming live stage plays.


The Mission of Yvonne Williams Production is to influence young adults through theatrical entertainment while instilling life values, finding individuality, and giving spiritual guidance and counseling. YWP presents jobs opportunities to various minority groups and to those who are pursuing their dreams in performing arts. Yvonne Williams Productions annually host a “Back to School Give - A - Way” and Bible Camp for the Youth. The goal of the YWP is to provide aspiring performing art students with a Yvonne Williams Scholarship each year and create a local performance art theatre.

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Yvonne Williams Ministry Production believes to always embrace with faith, love, and to support each other and hold each other up in faith. Laboring together and embracing one another with the unconditional love of God. With God’s guidance, we do believe that we can achieve all things through Christ that strengthens us. (Philippians 4:13) So we keep hope alive and help others pursue their vision and dreams