When I began writing this book God spoke to me through my hurt and pain. Decisions I had made over the years had torn my life apart. Then the Lord started sharing with me how much I really meant to Him, giving me insight to see myself as he saw me. God said, "Stop seeing man and see me, for I am God the creator of all." I realized that God would not create something and then ridicule His creation. He wanted me to seek His approval and search for His desire for me when God started revealing to me how he saw me in spite of my decisions and faults, He started nourishing the beauty He first created back in me, a beauty I had never known and one I couldn't see. God gave me a spiritual mirror, and then He gave me insight on his true purpose for me and who I was. Woman, just look in the mirror and see the beauty that lies within you. Through your broken heart and shattered life, God will restore and rebuild.

The Tenderness of a Woman's Heart - a Broken Heart and a Shattered Life: Volume I, Releasing Bondage.